A Letter To Say Hello

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have to say that with  COVID-19 a lot of people may feel depressed, myself included, but there are still ways that we can share our kindness with others. It makes a person feel good to share kindnesses and naturally it makes the recipient feel uplifted as well! We have to remain faithful and continue to hope for the best during these difficult times. In my daily list of suggestions for each day of the week you will find ways in which you can carry out kind deeds.

Above: The first time in the news. A letter I had submitted to our local newspaper dated November 8th 1988.

I created Be Kind to Humankind Week in 1988. I wish that I could say I created it out of a sweet, kind, loving heart, but I didn’t. I was actually enraged and that’s why I created bk2hk. My rage came upon me after reading a heartbreaking article in my local press. The only good thing about this story is that one person was saved from this terrible accident. I had been reading the press too much at the time and that was unlike me because I always get depressed when I read the news and so I avoid looking at it. One day back in August 1988 though I did read it and came upon an article that caused me a great amount of distress. To read what happened you can go to my About page.

I guess I was meant to read the paper that day. If I didn’t read it there would be no bk2hk. With your help and all of those who have helped in the past, Be Kind to Humankind Week will continue to inspire and enrich many more lives! I am humbled and delighted to see so many people enjoying celebrating this special week. Thanks again for checking us out and have a great rest of the summer!