Happy Birthday America!!

The fireworks so splendid
A salute to our beloved land
The land that we love and the freedom
For each woman, child and man
So God Bless this wonderful America
Our hearts filled with jubilee 
Our voices echo with gladness
From sea to shining sea

One thought on “Happy Birthday America!!”

  1. Lorraine. Hi! My name is Sandi. And I live in Vancouver Washington.
    I am a rock painter. Infact I run a group online and at home. You and your page is all about the same reasons that we rock paint. Next month I am thinking of having my community rock hunt on one of the days you run your be kind to human kind week.
    I was hoping I could talk to you more about what I’m wanting to do and even though we are very far from each other how we could help each other out. I really hope to hear from you soon. Stay well 😊

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