Prescription Used Eyeglass Donations For Guatemala

The Gary family is taking up a collection of used unwanted prescription eyeglasses for the men, women and children of Guatemala. The Gary family has gone to Guatemala for the past 2 summers bringing these much needed eyeglasses to the people there. If you have any used eyeglasses which you no longer wear, please mail them to the address below. An idea to pass along to you is to take a small box and hold onto it while asking any friends/family if they have eyeglasses for donation. Once you have filled the box, then please mail it to the address below.

The folks of Guatemala are in crucial need of our help. I understand that many of the children lack proper education and perform under average in academics because of their poor eyesight.

Update 11/5/2010: Eyeglasses are no longer being collected. Thanks to everyone who has made a donation.

4 thoughts on “Prescription Used Eyeglass Donations For Guatemala”

    1. Hi Tony!
      Thank you so much for thinking of us here @ BK2HK!! I will have to say “Yes” to your question simply because I am sure that the lenses may come in handy for the folks in Guatemala. You never know, right? We might as well send them on over! Thank you again and please continue to keep in touch. BK2HK is going to start sending out a monthly e-mail newsletter, so if you would like to be placed on our e-mail mailing list please send me your e-mail address. Thanks!

      Much Kindness sent 2-U,

  1. I have a pair of used prescription eyeglasses that I wish to donate. I live in Tampa, FL. Are you still accepting donations? The glasses are in good condition.

    God Bless you and all your endeavors to “Humankind”

    1. Hi Anna!

      Thank you so much for offering to donate your eyeglasses! The collection is still going on. Be Kind to Humankind (BK2HK) hopes to collect 2,010 pair of eyeglasses/prescription and non prescription sunglasses/and Drug Store Reading glasses by next summer, the summer of 2010! The Gary family makes their annual trip to Guatemala each July. If possible, you could start a small box of eyeglasses which you can fill with eyeglass collections and just send them to me before next July? We would appreciate it so much! My address is on BK2HK’s web site. Thank you again Anna!!! God Bless you!
      Much Kindness,

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