Willing To Lend A Hand Wednesday

Offer someone your time, help, or advice today. It does not have to be anything grand or large, although we would not discourage that, even the smallest bit of help to someone is great!


  • Ask a neighbor if they’d like you to water their outdoor flowers and foliage while they are away
  • Offer to keep an eye on a neighbor’s home while they are away
  • Once in awhile offer to clean a friend/family members home if they cannot do it themselves
  • Take the initiative to go out and help a sick person
  • Offer to help a friend move, or at least pack for the move
  • Take an elderly person out food shopping or to the doctor’s office if needed
  • Offer to pick up groceries for a homebound person.
  • Take care of a neighbors animals when they are away
  • Volunteer for community projects
  • Offer to give somebody a ride to work ect. If they have a car being repaired and haven’t any transportation
  • When you offer to help a person in their time of need, don’t say “If there is anything I can do, just call” because most of the time they will not call you. Instead follow up on your offer by contacting them personally to offer your assistance
  • Cut coupons out and place them with the products they advertise. I especially love to cut out coupons for over the counter medications and baby items (diapers, food etc.) young couples with babies will definitely appreciate that!

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