Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is the perfect time to be mindful of those around you, at home, work and in public, who may have thoughts, concerns, or needs which you may not be aware of. Try a little harder to break free of your own busy world and try to be more aware of other people’s feelings! It’s a wonderful thing when you can be more thoughtful and considerate towards others. It is quite a gratifying experience.


  • Don’t wait for the holidays to cook your family a favorite meal
  • Be the best friend you can be by always being there when your friend needs you the most
  • Pick up the phone and say hello to a friend who’s in need of a little conversation
  • Invite a friend/relative over for lunch
  • Get involved in volunteer work in your community
  • Hold doors for people behind you
  • Give up your seat on a bus/train to a person who could use it more
  • Allow a person with fewer groceries than yourself to cut in front of you on line
  • Try to be more conscientious of others feelings
  • Send a person who is depressed a little note to lift their spirits
  • Please do not forget to say “Please, Thank You, Excuse me”, ect
  • Cut out savings coupons for all and any baby items as many struggling young parents will appreciate them. Leave them in eyesight on the shelves in the grocery stores diaper section
  • When you offer to help a person in their time of need, don’t say “If there is anything I can do, just call” because most of the time they will not call you. Instead follow up on your offer by contacting them personally to offer your assistance.

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