Sacrifice Our Wants For Others’ Needs Sunday

Sacrifice Our Wants For Others’ Needs Sunday is a wonderful chance to do something for somebody else in need. Let your desires come second on this day and give a little something to someone else.


  • Pick up groceries for someone who can’t go to the store themselves
  • If there is someone you know that is confined to a wheel chair offer to take them out on a day trip (maybe to a park or a walk along the boardwalk)
  • Have a family member over for dinner especially those who don’t get out often
  • Visit an elderly relative in a nursing home
  • Take your elderly family member out on a day trip
  • Spend the afternoon with your children doing something fun together
  • Visit sick children in the hospital
  • Mow a needy neighbor’s lawn
  • Instead of spending your money on something you don’t necessarily need, donate it
  • Offer to walk the neighbors dog if he or she is unable to
  • Cook a meal for a sick friend
  • Offer to pet sit for a someone if they are going away
  • When you offer to help a person in their time of need, don’t say “If there is anything I can do, just call” because most of the time they will not call you. Instead follow up on your offer by contacting them personally to offer your assistance
  • If possible, assist someone with any computer questions they may have

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