• A large orange number one in the bottom center of the image with rows of smaller blue ones behind it. The background is a light grayish orange.
    1 Week

    Be Kind to Humankind Week is one week away! It starts on Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday this year.

  • The words “Decide to be kind” in a white sans-serif font and in all capital letters. The letters are in a grid but they are spaced apart to make it harder to read. The background is a strong green.
    Decide to Be Kind

    It’s simple. Just decide to be kind. We know making decisions can be tough sometimes, but you can do it!

  • The words “Practice Compassion” are red and on an angle, behind the words is a medium sized circle with a bubble gum pink gradient, the background is a light grayish orange.
    Practice Compassion

    Practice having compassion for yourself, for other people, for animals, & for your planet.


    Have a sunny Sunday, whether it’s sunny or not!

  • Illustration of a calendar showing the month of August with the 25th to the 31st highlighted. The calendar is shown in a dark blue outline with the word “AUGUST” in large capital serif letters at the top and dark blue serif numbers in the center of each day. The background is a pale blue/purple.
    2 Weeks

    Mark your calendars, only 2 weeks until Be Kind to Humankind Week starts!

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