39 Years Ago – This Is Touching

Take the time to check out this one. It needs to be played in every school and building in this country! So many have seem to forgotten the meaning of which Red explains so well.

This is so unbelievable. In 1969, how did he know?

Some of you may remember him but he passed away before many of you were born. Red Skelton was a good and funny man. He also ended every show by saying, “Good Night and God Bless”. Listen to the end of this. It is something he said 39 years ago. Very important that you listen to the very end! Eerie! Take a moment and listen to it (from 1969). How would he have known that this is what is happening?

Click here and turn your sound on.

For the Few Who Don’t Know:

Red Skelton was a movie star and comedian on television back in the 1950s. He created a number of characters, and his show was watched by millions.

Promoting Peace And Helping The Less Fortunate

This is a guest post written by our friend Tiffiny Wright.

My husband and I like to try out different places to live. In the past five years we have been promoting random acts of kindness in three different states, Illinois, Arizona and California. We have seen the difference of living in a city to the extreme of living in the desert. What we have learned is, across America, one thing is the same – We need to make this land the best it can be by acknowledging your neighbor and speaking kind words. By promoting peace in our communities, by doing little things like holding the door open for the person behind you. By saying please and thank you, by letting someone go in front of you, by putting others first.

One major issue that America struggles with all over is homelessness. Lend a hand out to the homeless people in your city. You can literally go on the streets and hand out food, make eye contact, they are humans and need to know humankind does care. If you’re more comfortable, go to a homeless shelter and speak to the director that can give you recommendations on how you can help.

In your day to day life at work, try extra hard to smile every chance you get. Remember the names of the people you see if you work in customer service. Create a peaceful environment around you to promote kind acts in your community. We all have the power within us to unite as humankind and create a peaceful world to live amongst each other and for our children to grow old in…

We’re not perfect, and we’ll never have a perfect day. But, we can try!

A Big Thank You To All Who Have Donated To The Ann Arbor Homeless Shelter

A big “thank you” and much appreciation to all of those who have donated to the Ann Arbor homeless shelter. I would also like to say that I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Below is a list (in no special order) of the growing number of people who have helped us with donations so far. A Gracious thank you to “Meijer’s Store” on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor Michigan for their super-generous donation of a $250.00 Gift Certificate to be spent on items for the homeless shelter! Special thanks to manager “Bonnie” for her efforts in making this possible! A terrific thank you to Gina D. Activity Director at University Living Assisted Living, Ann Arbor for helping out with collections for the shelter from residents, family and friends at U.L.! Thanks Gina!

A big thanks to my friend Kim A. for donating that beautiful child’s bicycle to one lucky little girl!!! Another great big thank you to my friend Kim A. for all of the great donations she and her family have given to the shelter! Thanks so much to my friend Cynthia H. from St. Josephs R.C. Church in Dexter for her generous contributions of new blankets! Much thanks and appreciation for the wonderful pillows from K-Mart courtesy of Roger L. Manager! A big thank you to my Friends from St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church/Chelsea MI.: Marie, Lana, Tish. Those from the Dexter Senior Center: Valerie, Dee, All of the member’s of the center who have given so much! The Ann Arbor Convention Bureau: Elke and those who have donated.

A big thank you Debbie L.D. from the Ypsilanti Convention Bureau and all the gal’s there who have helped to make this project possible. A big thank you to Debbie Tenzer from D1NT for posting the shelter’s wish list on her site doonenicething.com! Another big thank you to Ele K. for offering to swing by the shelter with some donations!!!

Thank you to my family and much thanks to all of those who have helped out and continue to help out, I apologize if I missed anyone but I am pretty certain I covered all. Thanks to all of your generosity, the homeless will be covered this cold winter.

September 21st is the “International Day Of Peace”

September 21st is the “International Day of Peace”. How we wish everyday could be peaceful here on earth. Unfortunately it is not, however as the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. Those wise words are true as true can be. Peace and kindheartedness must begin within ourselves first and then shared with others. So let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.


Thought For The Day

They Grow In Clusters, Brett Blair

Though I have never seen the Sequoia trees of California, known as Redwoods, I am told they are spectacular, towering as much as 300 feet above the ground. Strangely, these towering trees have unusually shallow root systems that spider out just under the surface of the ground to catch as much of the surface moisture they can. And this is their vulnerability. Storms with heavy winds would almost always bring these giants crashing to the ground but this rarely happens because they grow in clusters and their intertwining roots provide support for one another against the storms.

When we are together, either as a family or as a church, we provide this same support. Pain and suffering come to all of us. But, just like those giant Sequoia trees, we can be supported in those difficult times by the touch of one another’s lives. The knowledge that we have someone; that we are not alone; that there is someone who is willing to touch us, hold us, keeps us from being destroyed.

“May you always have someone to uphold you in the storms of life.” – Lorraine Jara

“The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on.” – Julia Alvarez