Summer’s End

Well, another summer has come and gone and much too quickly for those of us who enjoy the hot weather! I also hope that everyone had a great summer season and that it was filled with good times and good things! BK2HK had a very successful celebration in August with many inquiries sent to me asking how they could participate in BK2HK’s week long observation of kindness and the ways that they could implement kindness in their communities!

One young lady, Jessica M. from Muscatine, Iowa said that she would be out and about in her hometown spreading the news about BK2HK! She asked me if I had any handouts…so I mailed her some fliers, business cards, magnets and pens to hand out. Jessica was so happy to have received them, and said afterward that her efforts were a great success! She told me that not only did people stop and ask what she was doing, but that they loved BK2HK and were happy to receive the goodies. Some people even asked if they could walk around spreading the news with her. Thanks so much Jessica!

I only hope that you will stop and take the time to be kind daily, 365 days of the year…not just 1 week in August. Small acts of kindness sure can go a long way! A simple smile to a stranger, holding the door for others, mailing an uplifting card to someone you know who may need it, calling or better yet visiting your elderly or sick relative in a hospital or nursing home,volunteering even 1 day a month to something that interests you, donating unwanted items, donating to a local food bank, bringing doughnuts to your local police, ambulance or fire department to say “Thank you” for all that they do for the community. There are thousands of ways to show kindness…so please share your gifts of kindness to those around you. Make your corner of the world a better place! Decide to be Kind!

2 thoughts on “Summer’s End”

    1. Hi Andrew!
      Thank you for checking out BK2HK! In response to your comment I have to say that I agree with you as far as being a bi*ch and it paying better. Unfortunately undesirable behavior and attitudes seem to be a media favorite…and also unfortunately a lot of people viewing these programs tend to mimick what they see. Kindness appears to have taken a back seat. Thankfully though appearances are deceiveing because I see a widespread cross current of grace and compassion towards others beginning to emerge in the media. Thankfully there is a broad tiring of people’s spirits and attitudes in relation to the currents of meanness in society. People are turning away from meanness. More and more I see people instead turning towards kindness and compassion. I hope that you will allow kindness and compassion towards others to take precedence in your life. I can assure you that you will not regret it.

      Stay Healthy
      Seek Contentment
      Seek Change


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