Dig THIS…Over 122 pair of Sunglasses were donated to BK2HK for Guatemala…

Update 11/4/2010: Eyeglasses are no longer being collected. Thanks to everyone who has made a donation.

Here is the story…short but very sweet. I was browsing around on Craig’s List and I spotted someone selling over 100 pair of sunglasses for $45.00. I e-mailed the owners and asked if they would be willing to donate them to BK2HK for our Guatemala project. Their answer was a huge yes! My daughter and I drove to their home to pick up the sunglasses (plus 14 cases) and met 2 extremely nice people! Ron and Nancy Gosselin of Howell, Michigan were more than happy to be able to donate all of these wonderful sunglasses to the folks in Guatemala!!

Ron and Nancy were so generous to donate so many (much needed) sunglasses to Guatemala. Thank you both! I want to pass on the word that BK2HK is continuing our used prescription eyeglass/sunglass and drug store reading glasses collection. There is always a team heading off to Guatemala to deliver much needed items, eye wear being on the top of their list…so please remember to send any and all used unwanted eye wear to the address below. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Dig THIS…Over 122 pair of Sunglasses were donated to BK2HK for Guatemala…”

  1. Yes we are Meredith!! Thanks so very much!! 4 more HAPPY PEOPLE in Guatemala!!
    Please be so kind as to mail them to the ADDRESS BELOW:

    BK2HK Eyeglass Collection
    P.O. Box 131397
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48113-1397

  2. This is good! Along with the basket at our church I can run an ad in our local newspaper (The PennySaver) and see if I can increase the number of donations. Lots of “other than Catholics” in our area and I’m confident many will help out. It’s a great community we live in….
    Outside of prescription glasses and sunglasses are there any other things that are needed?



    1. Thanks Joe and Lisa!!!!
      The eyeglass collection is such a tremendous help! Much appreciated…more than I can say! Catholic or not, we are one BIG family of man…so with that much being said I know that you are surrounded by many wonderful good-hearted people in your community! 90% of us are good hearted, the TV news people (and press) just do their best to keep that fact a secret.
      What more can you do? Just spread the word and share BK2HK’s message and web site with all! If there is anything else we need help with, BK2HK will keep your offer in mind…THANKS!! Please let me know if you would like to be included in BK2HK’s monthly e-mail newsletter. We will be putting it together soon. If you would like to receive it, just send me the e-mail which you would like us to mail it to. Thanks again guys!!!!!!!

      Much Kindness sent 2-U,

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