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I have seen the sea, when it is stormy, and wild; when it is quiet, and serene’, when it is dark, and moody. And in all its moods I have seen myself. – Martin Buxbaum

A couple of years ago I posted a poem written by Martin Buxbaum. His poem is featured on a beautiful poster. The poster consists of one women in 3 separate stages of her life…one as a young girl, then a young woman and finally an old woman. The poem written by Martin Buxbaum on the poster is as follows:

“Some people, No matter how old they get, Never lose their beauty. They merely move it from their faces, into their hearts.” – Martin Buxbaum

To my delight and surprise Mr. Buxbaum’s daughter, Kate Buxbaum Prado, had contacted me recently. Read what Kate shared with us about our posting of her dad’s poetry. Thanks so much Kate for sharing your dad’s work with us, and for sharing your work with us as well! It’s beautiful!

Kate Buxbaum Prado writes:

“My dad has been gone since 1991 and I miss him every day. He had a full life and gave much to others, and continues to give, even though he is not here. This is the same desire I have for my work. I wish I knew who was the artist that did the work with my father’s verse on beauty. It has been on the Internet for ages and nobody seems to know.”

A poem by Kate titled “My Father”:

When I was small, my father traveled, and then he would, come home. But even when, he went away, we never felt alone. We did not have, to see him, to know how much, he cared. He would always, be our father, and his love was always there.- Kate Prado

“I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5

What Will You Leave Behind? It is not just only the rich and famous who will leave a legacy, but every man, woman and child ever born, no matter who they are. Our society has become so fixated on the lives of movie stars, those in the news and the people on reality television, to where the importance of the seemingly unimportant goes unnoticed. As students graduate and head out into the world, do they carry with them the knowledge of how the life they live and the choices they make, have the potential to change a nation,or possibly change an entire world? It is up to each one of us as parents, teachers, family or friends of children of any age, to send the right message. A young man sat in the office of his guidance counselor before graduating from high school. His eye was black from having gotten into another fight. The adviser was serious when he told the student he was very smart, but it was now up to him as to where he would be in the future. Today that young man is grown. He became a very successful businessman, is a good father, a wonderful husband and gives back so much into the world around him. Did the words spoken to him by the concerned counselor change his destiny? I believe they may have. My own father wrote, “Leave more for others to follow than footprints in the water.” These few simple words have stayed with me throughout my own life as I ask myself the question, “What will you leave behind?”


Kindness planted in the soil, of another with a need, will one day blossom, back to you, a product of, this spirit seed. – Kate Prado

“Give and it, shall be given unto you…” Luke 6:38

Be sure to visit to view Kate’s creations.

14 thoughts on “Martin Buxbaum”

  1. Rivers Of Thought was given to me over 40 years ago. Young then, older now his poems are relevant What a treasured legacy!

  2. Hello Lorraine~
    Back in 2007 I had e-mailed you about martin Buxbaum’s beauty quote on a beautiful picture. And no one has been able to really find anything out about this picture and where one could actually get a print of this other than copying from computer.
    I have actually found a possible link and wanted to share this with you.
    Betsy Cameron is an artist and painted this picture called “There’s Always Tomorrow”. Please go on line and look it up. the picture is identical to the picture with Martin Buxbaum’s quote. The little girl carrying a bucket down by the water. Same girl and dress.Someone added the other 2 faces to the picture. My guess is Betsy Cameron’s picture had to have a copywrite on it.What do you think?

    Let Me know,

  3. I fell in love with your father’s words when I was a young waitress working at Hot Shoppes in Falls Church, Virginia, in the 1960’s. I have three of his beautiful books and his words inspired me from the age of eighteen until now at age sixty-six. I just found one of his books called “Once Upon a Dream” when I was cleaning out my book shelves tonight and was thrilled to read his thoughts again. You were so blessed to have him as your Dad. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Lorraine,

    I just read the above on how to copy my dad’s verse with the lovely picture someone put with it long ago. “Thank You” Melissa. This means a great deal to me and thank you Lorraine for continuing to share so much love.

    Hope everyone here has a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    Kate Buxbaum-Prado

  5. Hello to all. I have seen several people wanting a poster of the “Beauty” poem. I will tell you how I did it. For instance, on this site, it is shown in picture form, go to it, right click it, and then click save picture as…I then can print it out on picture paper, which I have done and printed on card stock for a Birthday card for my mother. Either way, it turns out beautifully. Hope this helps…All Enjoy.
    And thank you Kate for continuing to allow all of us to enjoy your fathers work…He must of had a beautiful, kind heart. MS

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Boy, you are a life saver! I thank you for being a part of BK2HK and offering us the information on how to copy the poster! I will definitely refer people who request information on where to purchase the poster to the posting on my site and the comment page.

      Have a Great Thanksgiving and thanks again!!



    1. Hi Linda!

      Thank you so much for being a part of Be Kind to Humankind (BK2HK). Unfortunately the poster is unavailable. Mr. Buxbaums daughter Kate wrote to BK2HK a few months ago and I had asked her where we could have folks buy the poster. She did not know…so it remains a mystery. Kate said that the poster with her fathers quote has been around for many years! Thanks again for writing, sorry we could not have been more help to you!


  7. I want to thank Peggy Dobbs for her moving comment about my father’s verse on beauty.

    My family and I don’t know who made this lovely picture with dad’s poem, but have been very grateful so many have found it a comfort. My warmest thanks to whoever it was for their beautiful creation.

    The lesson in this verse for the young, is youth won’t last forever. Beauty begins with, and always will end with, what is in the heart.

    I pray you all have a day filled with His love and His joy-

    Kate Buxbaum-Prado

    P.S. Lorraine,as always, thank you for your work. It is a tender place to stop and drink a cup of kindness when the world gets too harsh.

  8. Kate, When I saw the beautiful picture of a woman in three stages of her life and read the poem about beauty moving from their faces into their hearts, my first thought was of how many people I would love to send that to in card form. Do you have that particular poster available in greeting card form?

    Morris West once said, “Life itself for a man, is the best of all lie detectors.” It would also be a good quote with three faces of a man as you did the woman. Thank you for such beauty for the senses. Peggy Dobbs

  9. Thank you for sharing what the Lord gave to both me and my father. It has touched my heart, made me feel I have him here again for a moment and is a most beautiful way to end a long day!

    But most of all, thank you for the gift of love and tenderness you are giving to everyone who enters into this lovely place you have created.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Kate Prado

    1. Dear Kate,

      It was my pleasure to be able to post your father’s beautiful poetry. You and your dad are truly gifted by God , your talents are meant to be shared and inspire others…and being able to share that through “Be Kind to Humankind” is great! Thank you so much for your blessings and good wishes!

      My Kindness and Blessings Sent 2U,

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