The Faded Yellow Ribbon

Our soldiers are now overseas fighting in various countries, for various reasons. Some of those reasons many of us do not understand. We love our brave men and women who risk their lives for our freedom everyday. No…Freedom is not free! And, to all of the families who have lost loved ones in the war -that includes all wars, past and present- how difficult it must be to even begin to forgive the foes who have killed their sons or daughters. Some may think one has to be a saint to be capable of such forgiveness. I think so. But sainthood is open to all of us and being able to forgive comes from prayer. Having the strength to forgive comes from God. Having the power to forgive is a showering of God’s grace upon our hearts, and although time may feel like an enemy in the forgiving process… I think that God’s love and patience is eternal, and He will help our grief. May peace replace the grief you may feel in your heart.

The Faded yellow ribbon tied tight around the tree. A tree so large and lovely, 200 years old is she. Who thought she would be holding a faded ribbon tight. Of someones son or daughter, remembered day and night. We see this yellow ribbon and pray that all goes well. Its not my son or daughter, but I feel they are and tell. I tell my friends and family to keep them in their prayers. For God to hold them closely and wash away their fears. We thank our men and women. While these faded ribbons wave. We never will forget. The sacrifice they gave.

Lorraine Jara 2006