Seven Fathers Ride “The Loneliest Road” For Sick Children

Below is an email sent to HappyNews by one of its readers.

Hello Happy News, I love your site.

I wanted to let you know about a special little girl named Taylor and her dad, who’s biking across the country to help save her life. It would mean a lot if you could help spread the word about Taylor, her Dad, and their cause. Taylor’s story is below, and you can learn more about Taylor, her dad, and the other childeren and dads at

Taylor is a vibrant, blue-eyed, funny two-year old girl who loves to dance, loves princesses, and loves playing with her older brothers. Taylor has a devastating pediatric cancer called Neuroblastoma. She is stage 4-High Risk. She has been incredibly strong in her fight against this disease, enduring 7 rounds of chemo before age two. She is now being treated at Sloan Kettering in NYC because the local doctors have done all they can with their resources.

In New York, there is a new treatment against the disease that could be manufactured, but the funding is currently unavailable. The survival rate for high-risk neuroblastoma is a grim 30% with a 50% relapse rate. This new treatment gives much hope to the families being treated there, but they needed to come up with a way to fund it. Taylor’s dad, along with other dads have taken it upon themselves to raise the funds. On Monday, September 10th they began the long trek across our country on their bicycles in a campaign they are calling “The Loneliest Road.” They will travel mostly along US Rte. 50, against the elements, and fatigue. It is an echo of what their children are going through each and every day. They hope to raise much needed awareness for this devastating and often “silent” cancer, as well as raise the funds for the new treatment.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate any help you can provided.

Michael Waisley
Ashburn, VA

Visit The Loneliest Road.

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Photo credit: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News