Collecting Wish List Items For The Ann Arbor Shelter

The Dexter Senior Center in Dexter, MI was kind enough to offer to collect “Wish List Items” for the Homeless Shelter in Ann Arbor. There are plenty of items that are needed. We want to thank all of those involved at the Senior Center for their generous contributions to the shelter!!!

We applaud your kindness Valerie, Director Senior Center. Thank You!

The following is a short story from our friend Valerie.

At an inner city soup kitchen, a young woman was serving meals to guests. It was her very first day and she was nervous and unsure of how to behave around the poor, the indigent, the homeless people she had never seen before. As one man was moving past her, she noticed that he had missed his bread portion. She reached out and touched his arm. When he turned, the young woman saw that he was crying. Concerned, she asked if she had hurt him. The man replied, “No, you are the first person who has touched me in more than two years.

“Every time I deliver a meal to her, I give her a hug. I know sometimes it’s the only human touch she’ll get that day.” – Meals on Wheels Volunteer, Dexter MI

View the Wish List
Download the Wish List Word Document.

Please send all donations to:
Robert J. Delonis Center
312 W. Huron St.
Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor Shelter.

4 thoughts on “Collecting Wish List Items For The Ann Arbor Shelter”

  1. I know Sylvia, I feel the same way. The homeless folks have such a special place in my heart. There but for the Grace of God go I. I wish I could wipe out homelessness forever. Just our little bit does help a great deal though! Maybe there is a shelter in your hometown where you can go to drop off donations ect. Thank you for writing. Love to hear from you!!! Stay well! Lorraine

  2. Thank you Debbie for your encouragement and kind words! There is such a terrific need to help the homeless. I hope there will be a growing group of supporters willing to help out with this cause!

  3. BRAVO! Thank you for posting Valerie’s moving story. It reminds us that the homeless are not transparent and deserve our compassion. Thanks too for showing us specific ways we can help. Beautiful website.

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