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  1. Hi Lucy! Thanks so much for having a look at “Be Kind to Humankind” (BK2HK) and for showing your interest in the beautiful poster. Unfortunately, there are no known avenues which we can take to find this poster! I have even spoken to the poet, Martin Buxbaums daughter, Kate and she could not help me to locate the poster.

    With Much Kindness sent to you!!


    1. Hi everyone…………If anyone knows where we can find this beautiful poster please write in and let us know!!! Thank you so much Jane for being a part of “Be Kind to Humankind”(BK2HK).

  2. Was anyone ever able to find this poster and quote. It is absolutely beautiful. My Mother will be 90 years old this year and it depicts her lifelong beauty. I would love to get it and have it framed for her. I would appreciate any assistance. I tried some searches but without any success.

    1. Hi Patty,
      Thank you for writing and for being a part of Be Kind to Humankind (BK2HK). The last story posted about the beautiful poster with a poem written by Martin Buxbaum on it also included Mr. Buxbaum’s daughter Kate Buxbaum Prado’s letter to BK2HK and some of her wonderful work. Unfortunately Kate was unable to find out any information about the poster. She had mentioned that the poster with her dad’s poem on it has been around for many year’s. I will be sure to post any pertinent information about where one can purchase this poster if in fact I ever come across such information. Thanks again Patty, and God Bless you and your beautiful mom!!

      Much Kindness,

  3. Hi Susan…

    What a coincidence that I would receive a comment from you just as I am setting up a new post in regard to Max Buxbaums poem which is the one you are referring to on the poster. Remarkably and happily I had just recently been contacted by Max Buxbaums daughter! She wrote to me as she had viewed Be Kind to Humankinds (BK2HK) post with the poster and her dad’s poem. Unfortunately…when I had mentioned to her that I have received a number of people interested in purchasing the poster, she said that the poster has been in circulation for many many years and she does not know where to purchase it. I am sorry about that. Thanks so much for writing to me, and please keep in touch with us here @ BK2HK…check out my new and upcoming post on Max Buxbaum and Kate Buxbaum Prado!

    Many Kind wishes Sent Your Way!

  4. Your fathers words are beautiful!!

    Do you know where I can get a poster late fathers poem about no matter how old.. never loose their beauty… faces to their hearts?
    I sent it in an email to my friend who wants a poster/print of it. Her birthday is coming up and I’d love to surprise her w/ a poster or framed copy.

  5. Hello,

    I am the youngest daughter of the late Martin Buxbaum. How wonderful to see my dad’s verse on a site dedicated to sharing kindness…how very,very special that is.

    Thank you for helping to keep the words he wrote from his heart, alive and flowing, so they may continue to touch others.

    God bless-
    Kate Buxbaum Prado
    Prado’s Pen

  6. I recieved this poem with the picture 12/23/06 and would love to get it again but cannot find the full picture with the poem on the picture. The email I recieved had the full picture of the little girl also… If anyone knows where I can get the photo please let me know…..Thank you

  7. Hi Nina! Thanks so much for writing to us here at BK2HK! Your support and interest is wonderful! I wish that I could direct you to exactly where to purchase this poster, however I had received this beautiful quote along with the picture from a girlfriend on line. I would suggest going to Google and putting in a search for “Martin Buxbaum.” Perhaps there will be further information about the photo. Good luck and thank you so much again! Much Kindness Sent to You…Lorraine

  8. My daughter just started working as a PT in a home for the aged and I would like to find this beautiful message/painting/poster to hang in her office if you could also give me the same info. THANKS!

  9. Hi Sandy… it is a beautiful message and photo. I will definitely write back and let you know what I can find out! I will send the info. directly to your site. Thanks! With Much Kindness Sent Your Way… Lorraine

  10. 5/01/2007
    I am interested in the picture on this page. The young girl,young lady, and the elder gentleman. Does this come in poster size or any kind of a print size? Please let me know as I think it is a beautiful picture as well as the quote by Martin Buxbaum.The picture is worth a thousand words!

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