Relay For Life 2006

The American Cancer Society held a “Relay For Life” on April 29, 2006 at the Chelsea Fairgrounds in Chelsea Michigan! They had a wonderful turnout and many “THANKS” goes out to all who participated! This was a “Kind Act In Action” if we ever saw one!

Below I have posted a few of the photos taken at the event. We were unable to include all participant’s photos, however we did manage to get quite a few nice pictures of the event.

Many thanks again!

3 thoughts on “Relay For Life 2006”

  1. Thank you for coming to our event and posting these wonderful photos. Cancer is an enemy that will be defeated with the continuing support of all the wonderful people that came out to support Relay. Keep up the good work BeKindWeek!

  2. Wonderfull job! It’s just a matter of time before persons realize the value of this site! Keep up the kind work.

  3. WOW! Looking at all those happy faces gave me a big lift! How wonderful that all those people in Chelsea came together to raise money for cancer research. Bravo, BeKindWeek, for sharing the good news with us.

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