Motorist Consideration Monday is your time to practice patience and consideration towards others while traveling. This includes all forms of travel, whether it be by car, bike, bus, public transportation, or even walking.


  • When driving on a freeway…move over into a center lane if you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road.
  • Be sure to put your car lights on in the daytime to ensure better visibility to other vehicles.
  • Do not try to pass a stopped school bus. 🚸
  • Don’t drive aggressively by tailgating and bullying people on the road.
  • Don’t carry over your personal anger into “road rage”.
  • No drinking and driving.
  • Allow a fellow motorist to come out in front of you in a line of heavy traffic.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Don’t Speed

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    . Highways are not raceways!

  • Be cautious of emergency vehicles. No rubbernecking!
  • Always use child safety seats for any child being driven in your car.
  • Always use seat belts. In most states it is the law.
  • Slow down in bad weather.
  • Don’t text while driving. It’s the law.
  • Kids, be considerate if you are going somewhere in the school bus. Don’t shout and scream and distract the driver. Don’t throw things out of the windows either or leave rubbish on the floor. (Our thanks goes out to Ginny Stone of Sibo Series for this suggestion!)

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