Today I was at the hospital. I am having total knee replacement surgery next Thursday, and I have been going to the hospital weekly for injections to build up my red blood cells in preparation for the surgery.

As I was awaiting my turn, I began chatting with another woman in the waiting room (I’m the type to start a whole conversation with strangers anywhere I go…). As we chatted I was called into the prep room for my injections. The woman to whom I was speaking with stood up and handed the nurse a beautiful basket of fresh flowers. The nurse smiled broadly and exclaimed “Oh how beautiful! Thank you so much!” She then brought them in to show the other nurses and told them that Phyllis had given them to her. The other nurses didn’t know at first that the flowers were meant for them. When they discovered this lovely gift was for them, they were astounded and immediately called Phyllis into the prep room. Hugs went all around along with “Thank you so much Phyllis we never expected this, how thoughtful of you!”, and of course Phyllis was also thanking the nurses for being so kind and good to her. What a wonderful and heartwarming sight for anyone lucky enough to see this (namely – lucky me).

I gave Phyllis a “Be Kind to Humankind Week” pen, and asked her if I could photograph her for a story on my blog.
She was so very kind to me and more than happy to oblige! Above is the photo I took

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. From left to right is nurse Tina, seated is Phyllis and on the right is nurse Vicki. These nurses are absolutely wonderful and truly enjoy their work, it shows in how well they treat their patients! Sherry, another awesome nurse, was not available at the time. A big thank you to Tina, Vicki and Sherry for making difficult and sometimes scary hospital procedures a lot easier with their genuine kindness. Also, a huge thanks to Phyllis for helping all of us to remember that kindness is golden and its gem is a diamond, the best gift worth giving!